FAQ - Profluencer

What is Profluencer?

Profluencer is a free digital social marketing platform that connects brands with the right set of influencers. Brands can launch their products for a seasonal campaign. Influencers will share a brand message or specific image across social networks, while this is indeed the most basic influencer task.


What does Profluencer stands for?

Pro stands for products, promotions, and of course A PROMISE for accomplishment, and the remaining part stands for influencers.


How Profluencer will help Brands promote their product?

Profluencer helps brands finding the right set of influencers. Engaged influencers interact with other social influencers, thereby solidifying the bond between the brand and influencers for stronghold. It helps you showcase your product in few ways:

  • After the product/campaign is launched, Profluencer send product to influencers to test, wear and experience; and then invite influencers to write about the product on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, reviews, etc.).
  • Profluencer share a brand message or specific image across social networks, using emails or social communication, such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr etc. This will make a brand’s product /campaign go viral.


How Profluencer is related to influencers?

The relationship with influencers is very important for Profluencer. Profluencer regularly passes discount or deals to influencers based on their choices and audiences. While often overlooked, the biggest incentive for influencers is receiving brand recognition. Besides free product; contests, monetary rewards; recognition would be the key incentive.

Influencers can join Profluencer community by creating account at the bottom of the page.


Social Reach

Social reach is the sum of friends and followers you are able to reach across all of your various social media networks.

  • Influencer-reach across their social networks.
  • Engagement and shares of the content produced by or shared by influencers. i.e Number of photos, videos and messages influencers share.


Does Profluencer have a community of influencers?

Yes, Profluencer maintains good relationship with influencers from different aspects. Having different types of influencers such as rising talent (athletes, artists, actors, etc.) and social influencers, allows you to scale your campaign or marketing program more quickly.


What can I as a brand do to support my campaign?

Your active participation is very important to reach supported goal. because it’s the best way to make a powerful emotional connection. It is a collaborative effort to make sure that your campaign goal is reached.


Will campaign be shared earlier if I reached target goal before campaign expire time?

No, both target achievement and campaign expiration time is significant, and will be matched. A decision will be taken accordingly, even if campaign is successfully accomplished.


Is Profluencer restricted to Facebook, twitter, Tumblr.

No, Influencers can also embed campaign code on their website.


Can I showcase my products on Profluencer?

Sorry, Currently Profluencer is not offering marketplace ecommerce option, But if gets in demand (asked by many brands), Profluencer surely will work on this in near future.


Is there any video on how to set up a campaign?

Yes, please visit the link:  http://goo.gl/uHga4r


Whom should I contact if I need to edit a campaign?

Please send email to admin@profluencer.com